Fabian Feierabend

Senior Manager

Fabian is a project manager with 11-year experience in management consulting and software delivery management. Throughout his career he has led various end-to-end transformation projects – coordinating content and teams throughout all project phases (from planning/design, via solution delivery, to rollout).

Fabian’s project credentials range from process digitalization, platform service design, software / technology integration (pre-/post-merger), towards large-scale software delivery management in a fully-agile organization. Given that holistic view, Fabian now coordinates the enterprise architecture community at accilium.

Having started his career in the Financial Services industry, Fabian made a move to the transportation- and mobility sector a couple of years ago. For a reason: He is feeling happy to accompany customers who are now increasingly facing the challenges of digitalization. Fabian is a believer in team play and highly motivated when it comes to organizational behavior / organizational design.

In his private life, Fabian enjoys mobility in the Austrian-Bavarian Alps (biking, hiking, ski-touring) and is enthusiastic about making music, aviation, and his little daughter & wife.
He likes to return to his Bavarian homelands in October.