Profile Picture of Dr. Thomas Faustmann

Dr. Thomas Faustmann

Advisory Board Member, accilium

Former Chairman of the Board of Management, AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. & Head of Pre-Series Center AUDI AG

My expertise

  • Design, construction, commissioning and management of factories and manufacturing plants for internal combustion engines and their components.
    Prototype construction of electric motors.
  • Construction and management of complex production plants.
    Planning, set-up and management of logistics.
    Management of factory planning and maintenance.
  • Set-up and management of a tool shop for car body parts
    incl. a small batch production for aluminum car body series.
  • Establishment, employee selection and management of a technical development
    for combustion engines and automobiles.
  • Establishment and filling of professorships at the University of Györ.
    Lectures at the university
    Establishment of experimental laboratories
  • Receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Györ for the
    far-reaching changes in the Hungarian university and the
    Hungarian teaching.
  • Strategic preparation, group-wide and political coordination, planning, realization, construction and commissioning of an automotive plant with complete vertical integration.
    Investment sum approx. 1.3 billion €, approx. 4500 employees.
    Production ramp-up to series maturity of 4 vehicle models.
  • Management of the total quality assurance of
    engine production and automotive production incl. laboratories and purchased parts support.
  • Personnel selection, personnel management, management recruitment and management training.
    Execution of strategic job rotation including overseas assignments.
    Employee advancement, performance appraisal and implementation of management corrections where necessary.
    “First who – than what! That means finding and keeping good people!
  • Leading 8 – 12 direct managers of the upper management circle, with 5-8 other assigned managers each.
  • Management of the pre-series center of Audi AG
    Approx. 90 managers and 2300 employees worldwide. Budget approx. 850 Mio.€ /a.
    Project management for approx. 15 vehicle projects worldwide.
    Monitoring, control and staffing of human resources.
    Start-up control of all Audi vehicle projects in Mexico, Europe and China.
  • Introduction and support of completely new processes and technologies.
    Development and support of the Audi e-tron from the 1st prototype to series production.