Dominik Rabl


A combination of technical and economical expertise makes Dominik an allrounder, when it is about solutions for the future’s mobility. Knowing both the processes of an R&D as well as a portfolio management, ensure the focus on the big picture.

He was able to apply structured working and analytical capabilities within his study Process Management and Business Intelligence and reinforce it in his Masters Operations Management. Manifold tasks enabled a dive into different departments of large-scale enterprises as well as a side-step into the field of Mars Analog Research. All these different experiences enabled Dominik to familiarize with new topics in an efficient manner. Realizing intercorrelations and potential problems is another advantage of his multi-sector background. Achieving added value for the daily life of mankind drives Dominik as well as providing solutions for a working society in future.​

Give Dominik the opportunity to get into high altitudes in his leisure time and you will find him lucky. Climbing the summit (with or without a paraglider) to watch the sunrise is key for Dominik to master everyday life.​