Aris Wenger


Exploring the potential of the digital revolution in all industries and driving beneficial change is part of our generation’s mission.​ Aris is inspired by this mission and driven by a constant quest for creative solutions. He has a strong interest in an innovative future and is equipped with the attitude of “never stop learning”.​

During his Master’s degree in Digital Transformation Management, he focused on developing a prototype that aimed to assist football players during their contract negotiations.​ Along his professional journey, he has actively supported clients across various industries such as healthcare, logistics, and sports. He demonstrated a customer-centric approach by creating and implementing diverse digital solutions. Notably, he took charge of app and website development for a football club, emphasizing a strong focus on data analytics.​

In his free time, Aris is a sport enthusiast. You can find him cruising through the mountains with his bike or trail running various mountain peaks.