Alina Tater


Alina loves the international environment. During her Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management, she spent time in Berlin, the USA and Argentina. Following, she completed her Master’s degree in International Strategic Management in Sweden with a final stay abroad in Finland. Her numerous stays abroad have shaped her into a very open and outgoing personality.
Alina previously gained professional experience at a large German OEM. During this time, she developed a passion for the mobility sector and was fascinated by the diverse opportunities available for this sector. She loves driving digital trends and working on innovative solution which eventually led her to accilium, where her role allows her to help shape the future of mobility.
In her free time, Alina enjoys exploring the Berlin food scene and is just as happy to try out new recipes herself. To find her balance, she enjoys going for long walks and listen to her favorite podcasts. Having played basketball for many years, Alina pursues an active lifestyle and especially loves winter sports like skiing.


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