Alexia Feick


Alexia has always been fascinated by the challenges and opportunities arising from digitalization and sustainability aspirations in the mobility and energy sector. She has been involved in these topics from several professional perspectives – ranging from the automotive industry and a customer experience side, to policy and law-making institutions, as well as from an energy and public transportation provider. Designing and implementing solutions for complex problems is what drives Alexia to excel. All these experiences and insights have led Alexia to pursue her passion for contributing to a sustainable, digitized and human-centric mobility ecosystem of the future.

Equipped with a strong consumer-oriented background as Business Psychologist, Alexia rounded up her academic career with an international Master’s degree in Management, specializing in Data Analytics and Consumer Behaviour.

In her spare time, you can find Alexia on the tennis court, doing various outdoor activities, enjoying to music concerts with friends and traveling the world.