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Why Technology and Start-up Integration?

Established companies are increasingly becoming confronted by the fact that their own innovation is not enough to keep up with or get ahead of the today's competition. Technologies are developing too quickly, which requires a more interdisciplinary approach than ever before. Start-ups often offer promising ideas, but cooperation with established corporates is not without its challenges.

The new solutions must be pushed beyond the pilot stage. This adapting previous approaches for effective deployment to enable integration into an existing IT landscape, and of course the necessary integration of the people in the organization to garner necessary acceptance. accilium offers its experience from process development and transformation in established corporates in combination with state of the art technology from its broad start-up network.

Key Questions

  • What are my objectives and goals for the future based on newly available technological options?
  • How do I move beyond the pilot stage of new technologies to a company-wide application?
  • What does an overarching process model for successful technology integration look like?
  • How do I create the conditions in my company for successful technology integration together with my start-up?
  • How do I get an overview of the existing technology offerings and start-ups?

How We Work

accilium follows two approaches:

On the one hand, we identify relevant technologies and start-ups for our clients in the automotive-, energy-, and public sectors. This happens through cooperation on research projects in our acc's lab, our partnerships with start-up hubs, or through direct start-up mentoring. After successful qualification, we offer the technology start-up a look and feel session with an attached discussion of potential. At the moment, we are working with the following technologies: virtual reality, autonomous software for maintenance and supply chain management, as well as personalized data processing.

On the other hand, our implementation always focuses on the balance between technology, processes and people.

  • We formulate precise use cases for a potential application of the new technology
  • We support our partners in gaining a market overview of current technology providers
  • During a pilot project, we bring the potential users in a company in touch with the new approaches and identify all obstacles to a company-wide rollout
  • We formulate objectives that describe how we want to work with the new technologies together with the working teams and management
  • A step by step plan for a rollout is the begin of operationalization. This is accompanied by transformation activities such as communication, process- and technology coaching,
  • In spite of today's technological advancements, the key to successful implementation is to place people at the center of the application.


What We Deliver

Together with our selected technology partners, we offer new inspiration to the development of company processes. New technological developments that are lived by the team and improve on the company processes.


Photo by markus spiske on Unsplash