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Under the motto "Let´s build the mobility ecosystem of the future", over 100 clients, business partners and friends of accilium rallied at our kick-off event of the exclusive schubert.talks series, taking place on November 15th. Understanding ourselves as orchestrator between the automotive, energy and public sector we enjoyed having professionals from different industries connect, discuss and share a deligthful evening in our new office in the heart of Vienna. 

The event started off with an inspring keynote. Clemens Wasner, founder of enlite AI and the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence led us into the world of artificial intelligence, told us what AI has achieved so far and what the future will look like within this fast growing area.

On top of that, Alexander Hotowy led us through the evening and invited renowned guests from research, public sector and industry to discuss the topic “Mobility of the future – conflicts of human and machine interaction”. We experienced a very passionate, multifaceted discussion and were happy to see the audience engage with our experts. 

In between, our guests had the chance to exchange ideas, get to know new disruptive businesses in our start-up area and dive into the virtual space of future collaboration. But check out the video and see for yourself! We are definitely looking forward to welcome you to our next event!

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Below you can download the keynote "AI in the smart city" by Clemens Wasner, CEO of EnliteAI:

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