Rollout Management

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Why Rollout Management

Almost no digitalization initiative will achieve its desired results and provide shareholder value if it is not rolled out across the organization.

It's not only about the tools you build, but is also about making sure your organization uses the tools provided. And sometimes it is just about ensuring that the tools at hand are used differently.

Effective rollout of your initiatives can often make or break of your business case. Unfortunately, many projects don't emphasize this important step.

How we work

  • We check whether your initiatives have an appropriate rollout strategy to fulfill the stated objectives.
  • We devise a tailored rollout plan (rollout across departments at one site, rollout across multiple geographic sites) to build momentum for the initiative in the right sequence.
  • We develop a standardized toolkit and training for frontline managers to scale large rollout initiatives efficiently.
  • We set up a monitoring framework to measure progress and success of the rollout efforts.

What we deliver

Rollout projects usually are long-term engagements. This makes it even more important to structure such projects in lean and cost-effective manner.

We structure our team in an efficient manner to accompany projects until the rollout objectives are reached in efficient manner. We ensure transparency, so that rollout benefits always exceed rollout investment.


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash