Program and Project Management

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Why Program and Project Management?

The success of digitalization initiatives is usually determined at project setup, which is why we focus our efforts on the project initiation phase. Our projects are set up across the boundaries of business and IT. Given our expertise across business and IT, we are in a unique position to structure projects for digitalization initiatives.

Project management is 90% communication. We ensure effective communication by formulating simple messages and keeping them clear and consistent across all stakeholders.


How We Work

Our approach to project management runs through the following steps:

  • Revising the project charta until all stakeholders are on the same page, and project objectives and constraints are clearly understood and committed
  • Build the project organization and governance structure
  • Define a shared backlog and milestones
  • Turn the project scope into a structured product backlog and build a master project schedule on top of it
  • Establish a monitoring and control structure and define the communication plan


What We Deliver

We firmly believe in agile approaches, which is why we incorporate the lean tools and procedures from agile software development in all sorts of projects.

A full suite of end to end project management tools for our clients' environment. We offer our clients a comprehensive web-based project management environment with interactive dashboards and mobile apps for the duration of the project.

Finally, we strive to set up the project organization and team that is poised to deliver. We build a performance culture that drives execution.


Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

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