Two people shaking hands. The hands are dressed in business suits and its likely a corporate setting. The hands have graphic lines over them.

Partnership Design

The Challenge

Entering (corporate) partnerships is a key element within an organization‘s growth and digital transformation plan as they enable the involved partners to gain speed and flexibility as well as to realize economies of scale and synergies. Forming and maintaining corporate partnerships requires careful planning, communication, and collaboration to navigate cultural differences, misaligned goals and legal or regulatory issues and achieve successful outcomes. 

Our Approach

Corporate partnerships can offer many benefits, such as increased revenue, improved brand recognition, and access to new markets or technologies. accilium focuses on providing advice along the entire life cycle of complex international cooperation and joint venture projects. Due to the high complexity of partnerships, we ensure that clear governance and communication structures are created right from the start.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Strategy Development​
  • IT System Landscape Assessment​
  • Stakeholder Management​
  • Governance Set-up​
  • Contract Management​
  • Business Continuity
Jakob Mozyszek

“Systemic stakeholder management is a key success factor for developing resilient decisions that take into account the requirements of all parties involved. Within the framework of multi-layered partnerships, we enable sustainable and future-oriented solutions through structured project management.”

Jakob Mozyszek

Senior Manager