Geopolitical and economic developments pressure European economies

Data is a valuable asset in many ways. The correct collection and comprehension of it gives us the opportunity, especially in difficult times, to better assess situations and act accordingly. Therefore hard times call for data-driven consulting.

Emergency plan for gas stop!?” ; “How long will our gas storage last?” ; “Gas crisis in Europe!”. Russia’s offensive war in Ukraine has dramatically increased the already great pressure on European economies, which is why headlines like these are dominating the media landscape of the past months. The tense situation is unlikely to change anytime soon, which is why you have to adapt to it with the means at your disposal. Therefore companies and the public sector often rely on available data sets to assess the situation accordingly.

With a PowerBI supported dashboard, raw data can be visualized to provide deeper insights. Since dashboards are designed to provide data-based information rather than opinion-based information, they are ideal to support the decision-making processes. This is exactly what our colleagues from the capability Data analytics & governance did.

Data first approach

The dashboard provides information about the development of gas storages within Europe. Furthermore, it puts a spotlight on the most recent developments since the Russian invasion started. Use the dashboard to filter the information needed for your current priority. Try to create your own visualization or test your hypothesis using the provided data.

If you want to know more about the benefits of PowerBI based dashboards, contact our Data Analytics & Governance team!

Peter Allan
Peter Allan

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, accilium
Lead Data Analytics & Governance

Alex Rinner
Alex Rinner

Associate Manager, accilium

This dashboard does not claim to provide a correct picture of the latest state nor a full picture of all relevant data points or aspects for gas storage.