In front of a blurred screen with unrecognisable data sets, someone holds a magnifying glass in which the sharper outlines of the data are displayed concavely.

System Thinking

The Challenge

Vehicle manufacturers are moving away from being vehicle providers towards becoming mobility providers. In the future, public transport with its current line-based transport will have a flexible, digitalised and connected offer consisting of buses, trains, shuttles and sharing mobility. Companies formerly from outside the sector are pushing into the established mobility market and creating new rules of the game. Electromobility as a primary new drive technology couples the mobility and energy systems in real time.

Our Approach

We see the strategic orientation and the necessary innovations in the context of the entire mobility ecosystem. Our methodological understanding of the interactions at the system boundaries, but also of the internal processes of individual systems, support our clients in taking successful development paths and enable holistic system thinking.  This enables stable and at the same time flexible strategies as well as successful innovations.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Design Governance Models
  • Strategy Development
  • Innovation Management
  • System Thinking
  • Systemic Coaching for Managers
Oliver Danninger

“The business models, services and necessary framework conditions in the mobility ecosystem are undergoing epochal change. Only those who manage to think outside the box and systemically will develop successful strategies.”

Oliver Danninger

Associate Partner