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Customer centricity

The challenge

In many industries, digitalisation is creating an environment in which customers want personalised products and services on the one hand. On the other hand, they also want this service or product to be available 24/7, to be tailor-made and for fullfilment to happen best immediately – think amazon prime. Customers are increasingly approaching all other areas of life with the same expectations. The consideration of individual needs in product and / or service development is therefore an essential success factor and a great opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Our approach

The customer journey is becoming a critical business driver. In developing the ideal customer centricity strategy, we rely on a mix of proven strategy development methods and combine them with co-creation methods, such as the design thinking approach. For example, we collect real customer requirements and expectations and then develop the ideal customer journey together in innovation labs. Data also plays an important role – we show how the relevant data can be correctly collected, evaluated and used in a targeted manner – throughout the entire customer journey.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Customer Strategy & Innovation
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Analytics
  • Design Thinking & Human-Centric Innovation
  • Design of the customer journey, incl. development of personas and user groups
  • Business model innovation
  • Innovation Labs
  • Customer Lifetime Value
Meike Wenzl

“Companies can evolve by keeping customer needs at the heart of their approach. Even if this means shedding old business models and giving birth to more customer-centric propositions that look to address new market needs as well as current unmet needs. Thereby companies can create competitive advantage and real customer value.”

Meike Wenzl



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