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Company building

Company Building: The Challenge

Sometimes creativity for new business ideas or simply know-how for new business models and Company Building is missing. However, more frequently the experience and competence to consequently concretize a business idea and to validate it from the customer’s perspective do not exist.

The entrepreneurial top class is ultimately EXECUTION, i.e. evolving and building a company with a team, structures, customers and revenue streams and operating the targeted business model profitably.

Company Building: Our Approach

We apply proven and new methods in our Company Building projects. No magic! No miracles! We differentiate ourselves as entrepreneurial business consultants, because we successfully found and finance accilium ventures ourselves. Thus, we bring our own experience authentically into the customer projects. Our customers learn directly from our best-practice approaches and mistakes in their business model development and start-up projects, as our team already possesses a broad and practical implementation know-how in Company Building including all relevant disciplines from organizational set-up to sales.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Design Data Driven Business Modelling​
  • Digital Design Sprint​
  • Corporate Innovation Framework​
  • Company Framing​
  • Organizational Company Set up​
  • Performance Marketing​
  • Sales Strategy and Sales Execution​
  • Individual Founder Coaching
Alexander Rauscher

“There is nothing good. Unless you do it! – To this day, I don’t think entrepreneurship can be summed up any better than with Erich Kästner’s quote.”

Alexander Rauscher

Managing Partner