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Company building

The Challenge

Company building is a process whereby a company creates a new startup/ new venture to develop and launch innovative products or services, to solve a big enough problem the industry/ sector foresees in the future. Often used by larger companies looking to diversify their offerings or enter new markets it can be an effective way to innovate, leveraging the strengths of the parent company while also taking advantage of the agility and innovation potential of a startup. This way, the parent company can focus on its core business, while a team of highly talented people can focus on solving a problem and building a business model around it, that is not in focus of the parent company yet but may be in the future. The setup allows for greater autonomy, hence flexibility and speed, than would be possible within the established corporate structure.

Our Approach

We apply proven and new methods in our Company Building projects. No magic! No miracles! We differentiate ourselves as entrepreneurial business consultants, because we successfully start and finance accilium ventures ourselves. Thus, we bring our own experience authentically into the customer projects. Our customers learn directly from our best-practice approaches and mistakes in their business model development and start-up projects, as our team already possesses a broad and practical implementation know-how in all relevant disciplines from organizational set-up to sales.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • KPI based Corporate Innovation Framework
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Digital Design Sprint
  • Make, Buy, Cooperate Evaluation
  • Investment Evaluation Catalogue (IEC)
  • Target Operating Model Design
  • Sales and Go2Market Strategy and execution
  • Individual Founder Coaching
Alexander Hotowy

“I consider building businesses to be one of the hardest, most honest, but also most rewarding jobs you can do professionally. I am very fortunate to lead accilium’s capabilities in this regard and to work with our clients, their and our dedicated teams in exactly these work environments.”

Alexander Hotowy