A man sitting inside what appears to be a large cube made out of glass and lights. Abstract colour schemes can be found everywhere on the picture.

Future of work

The Challenge

As our mode of working changes to digital and remote forms of working, so does our mode of collaboration. Formal and informal rules of the physical workplace cannot simply be applied to digital meetings. This situation creates new demands on technology and human interaction.

Our Approach

Leading by example. As a company that enjoyed the advantage of starting on a greenfield site, we are able to develop an organization that has the necessary aspects to work towards a value-oriented and common purpose.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Processes
  • Culture
  • Methods & tools for effective collaboration
    • Digital Design Sprint (optinally in Virtual Reality)
    • Consent-oriented decision-making mechanisms
    • OKR target (coexistence with traditional BSC target feasible)
Alexander Hotowy

“The framework conditions of our current and future working world are constantly changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Organizations must establish new forms of digital collaboration while simultaneously meeting the increased demands for flexible and remote working. Only a culture that puts people at the center will enable organizations to make in the future of work.”

Alexander Hotowy

Managing Partner