A man sitting inside what appears to be a large cube made out of glass and lights. Abstract colour schemes can be found everywhere on the picture.

Future of work

The Challenge

As our ways of working changes to digital and remote forms of working, so does our mode of collaboration. Formal and informal rules of the physical workplace cannot simply be applied to digital meetings. This situation creates new demands on technology and human interaction. Overall, future of work is likely to be characterized by increased flexibility, automation and a focus on employee well-being and lifelong learning. While there are sure to be challenges along the way, these changes also offer opportunities for workers and businesses to adapt and thrive in the years to come.

Our Approach

Leading by example. As a company that enjoyed the advantage of starting on a greenfield site, we were able to develop an organization that has the necessary aspects to work on a value-based and purpose-oriented goal. Helping our customers to find their way of future work, based on our experience, is what drives us. Applying certain methods and tools, knowing about what has worked within our ventures and what has not, is knowledge and experience we provide within our projects starting from either developing a Future of work strategy to facilitating and accompanying the implementation as a subject matter expert and/ or coach, depending on our customers needs.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Competency profile-oriented career path development​
  • Virtue based corporate culture finding​
  • Consent-oriented decision-making mechanisms​
  • Objectives Key Results (OKR) methodology target (coexistence with traditional BSC target feasible)
Alexander Hotowy

“If a company succeeds in adapting not only its organization and processes to the volatile and its ever more rapidly changing environment, but also its people, then it will be well equipped for the future world of work.”

Alexander Hotowy

Managing Partner