Something that looks like a computer motherboard with chips and wires glows green. The rest of the picture is black.

Technology integration

The Challenge

In times like these it is hard to keep up with the rapid technology advancements and even if you find the time to read some whitepapers/ studies here and there, it’s hard making a correlation between technology and how exactly that technology could be value adding to your company, department or team.

Our Approach

We developed a structured approach for successful integration of technology. From vision to implementation in a team of experts (on request together with Technology Partners and/ or Startups, experts in their field). Developing an understanding on what the value of the new technology can or should be for your specific needs (e.g. efficiency, growth, enhanced collaboration, more effective communication) comes first. Once the reasoning behind the technology is defined, we want you to experience that technology first hand (e.g. VR, Blockchain, AI) so we don’t just develop use cases, we build prototypes (e.g. click dummys, MVP’s) so we can trial in small teams. We than define, improve and expand use cases including the development of KPI’s which will easily determine on whether the technology integration is worth it or not. Something which has to be proven on an ongoing basis.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Applied X Workshops
  • Reports & analysis
  • Validated use cases
  • Integration strategy (technical)
  • Implementation concept (business)
Alexander Hotowy

“Digitalization and the rapid advancement of technological possibilities offer a toolset that sometimes is sometimes way beyond our imagination. With the purpose of value creation, being it monetary or cultural approaches, we identify specific use-cases for your company that tell the story of how technology can take you to the next moonshot. In good company with our consultants, technology experts and ventures.”

Alexander Hotowy

Managing Partner