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Data analytics & governance

Data analytics & governance: The Challenge

The volume of data is growing exponentially, but organizations struggle harness their data to generate insights, drive decision-making or automate processes. Many organizations don’t know where to get started or even worse, start with a boiling the ocean approach. If data analytics project don’t deliver clear business value, initiatives often die or linger along.

Furthermore, data analytics is a culture problem and building a data culture is foundational for any data analytics initiative.

As many companies thrive to comply with new regulations and to protect sensitive information, they oftentimes oversee the true value an efficient data governance framework can do to turn data into a competitive advantage. As a vital element to enable scalable business operations, it is essential that companies understand the data they generate, and thus become more aware and proactive at constantly improving its structure, quality, usability and overall security.

Data analytics & governance: Our Approach

We encourage to start small, with one value generating use case, such as improving a specific element of the customer‘s journey or increasing the efficiency of a specific process. We iterate through a process where we build a data model and system, generate actionable insights and integrate within the organization to. During this process, we lay the enabling organizational and technological foundation. After proven successful, hence business value generated, we help the organization to scale.

We understand that data should be treated as a core business asset, which is why we focus on helping our clients create an efficient governance strategy that allows them to make the most out of their data. This while also managing to improve awareness throughout the entire organization to foster a data-driven mindset.

We designed our model to assess the core pillars that play a crucial role in the creation of a successful governance strategy, which can easily be adapted to meet specific needs.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Building a data strategy
  • Data analytics organization
  • Data driven decision-making
  • Building a data business case
  • Data Architecture
  • Governance Strategy
  • Governance Organization
  • Data Structure
  • Data Policy and Compliance
  • Data Security
  • Data Governance Tools
Peter Allan

“Successfully governing data is about enabling a crucial, but often overseen asset to create business value. Companies that have established governance frameworks became more efficient enhancing the quality and integrity of their data, managing process complexity and navigating regulatory challenges.”

Peter Allan

Managing Partner