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Software- & Product-Excellence

The Challenge

Especially in traditionally mechanics-dominated industries (like the automotive industry) advances in software development and changing customer demands lead to a product complexity that is barely manageable for many traditional players.

Without keeping pace with fast-moving incumbents significant market share is at risk. A radical change of the organization and the way of working is required.

Our Approach

The only way to master the exploding complexity is to radically change the product architecture – based on current customer demands and taking mechanics, hardware and especially software into account.

Only based on this radically new product architecture, the respective organizational changes and new processes, methods, tools etc. can be successful.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Development of a holistic product architecture
  • Product architecture assessment
  • Strategy development for product architecture management
  • Project-based systems engineering implementation
  • Implementation model-based systems engineering
  • A-SPICE assessment
  • Change architecture
Johannes Florian

“The advances in software development add tremendous complexity to traditionally mechanics-dominated product – like cars for example. The ability to master this complexity in a fast-moving digitalized world will be the differentiating factor.”

Johannes Florian