Digitalization Roadmaps

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Why Digitalization Roadmaps?

Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized. Whether you are trying to find the platform in your product, create entirely new customer experiences with emerging technologies, or trying to monetize your data, you are on a journey to define your digitalization roadmap.

Corporations have separated their business and IT departments for decades. Developing your digitalization roadmap calls for an integrated approach, which is why we propose an approach to strategy that works at the intersection of business and IT.

How We Work

Our approach to developing a digitalization roadmap scales from a single business unit to an entire organization.

  • We formulate the business drivers and your relating business objectives and benefits. Drivers are external forces that shape your business. Your business objectives and benefits are what your organization strives to achieve.
  • The key ingredient is to work out the sustaining changes necessary to achieve those objectives. Sustaining changes describe the new capabilities the organization must obtain to deliver on the objectives.
  • Lastly, we break down the enabling changes, the initiatives you will need to execute and supporting technologies and key resources, which you will need to master and control.


What We Deliver

The ultimate objective is to deliver direction for the organization. We use visual approaches such as the Benefits Dependency Network (BDN) to illustrate the roadmap and foster understanding. The BDN forms a strategic picture of where you envision your company, the capabilities it will have and how these new capabilities will drive the digital strategy.


Photo by Zachary Staines on Unsplash