accilium's keynote on the 6th International Restructuring Symposium

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About the Event

With over 400 participants from Germany, Austria, South Tyrol, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary, the 6th International Symposium Restructuring on 6th October 2017 at the University of Kufstein was fully booked this year. The Institute for Cross-Border Restructuring, as well as its sponsors and partners, invited the largest transnational cross-border restructuring program in the German-speaking area. Top-class speakers discussed the decision-making process in the digital age and the impact of digitalization on the car supplier industry.

In addition to exciting lectures by PwC, Magna Steyr, Daimler AG and others, managing partner and mobility expert Alexander Rauscher contributed to the event with his keynote on digitalization in the (car) mobility environment.

Excerpts from the keynote of Managing Partner, Alexander Rauscher

The rapidly advancing digitization of our environment is changing our understanding of mobility. The IT giants from Silicon Valley are also taking advantage of the rapidly increasing computing power to steadily reduce costs and consciously change our understanding of mobility with their products and services.

By 2030, the market share of electric vehicles will be 7-10%, depending on the region. In addition to the structural changes for OEM’s, providing appropriate charging infrastructure and a powerful grid, as well as protecting and monetarizing the large amounts of data that will be generated will be a challenge.


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