About our Website

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When we launched the first version of our website back in April 2017, we were driven by our mission and beliefs. But there were many unanswered questions, like who we are, our service offerings and our expertise. Today, we are finally delivering.

How did we build our website? 

We started with the different user journeys. What structure would a potential client or a candidate who is considering joining our team expect? How do we present different types of content? How can we integrate social media?

We prepared content for weeks, structuring and restructuring the website. Frankly, there was no existing format that suited our needs, because we are just getting started and expect the structure to evolve in the coming months and years. Instead of just releasing new versions of our website here and there, we wanted to build something that is continually evolving. Something that is BUILT TO EVOLVE.

The accilium website is structured with tags that intelligently take you along an interesting journey through what we do, our areas of expertise, and the latest news around accilium. You can configure the tags to drill down on explicit topics or provide a broad overview. Every site is shareable.

So, this is our website: a new breed. A true content platform. We hope you enjoy the experience we have built for you!

We want to thank our agency crossconnect for converting our vision into a functioning website. Their expertise in web development, design, and on time delivery was essential to the process.